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Digital Ethics with Lawrence Ampofo – Episode 4

In this episode with Lawrence Ampofo, we’re talking about digital ethics. Lawrence is the founder of Digital Mindfulness and an expert on responsible AI and Digital Ethics. He is a data scientist and political scientist and is a Doctor of Philosophy. We talk about where the responsibility for good and fair artificial intelligence and usage of data lies. How can we enforce a fair playing field with respect to bias, law enforcement, policy making and governance? He speaks about fairness and ethics – or the lack thereof – within social networks, data sets, judicial systems, financial services and much more.

Meditation & Meaning with Suresh Patel – Episode 3

In this episode, we talk about meditation, how to find meaning in your personal life and working life, how to gain more focus and how to prioritize in order to reach more meaning. Suresh is an experienced meditator, so we also talk about the effects of meditation on your mental wellbeing and your personal worldview.
The audio quality from Suresh can sometimes be a bit less good because it’s recorded on his phone, but the quality of the content is amazing. I would say it’s worth it, but you can decide.

Digital Wellness with Nina Hersher – Episode 2

In this episode with Nina Hersher, we talk about digital wellness. What is digital wellness, what are the effects of digital tools on individuals and society at large and what can you do to counter these effects? We talk about research into the effects of technology, touch upon things you can do about it, speak about the topic of parenthood and how to deal with the digital wellbeing of your kids and talk about the Digital Wellness Collective.

Human Connection with Patrick McAndrew – Episode 1

In this episode with Patrick McAndrew, we talk about human relationships. What makes them valuable, what’s important in retaining and growing them and what is their impact on our own wellbeing? We also talk about loneliness and ways to deal with it, the impact of technology on our human relationships and Patrick’s experience with human relationships in his professional and personal life.